Selected documents


Republic of Serbia Government Directory

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of the Internal Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy

Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, Public Administration and Local Self-Government

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Youth and Sport

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning

Ministry of Culture, Information and Information Society

Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija

Ministry of Religion and Diaspora

Agencies, Offices and Organizations of the Republic of Serbia Government

Serbia Business Registers Agency

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency

The EU Integration Office

Privatization Agency

Energy Efficiency Agency

Investment and Export Promotion Agency

Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia

Human Resources Management Service Organization

Bankruptcy Supervision Agency

Government of Serbia Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja

Republic of Serbia

National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia

Anti-corruption Agency

Republic Electoral Commission

Republic of Serbia Official Gazette

National Bank of Serbia


Commissioner for Information of Public importance and Personal Data Protection

Custom Administration

Share Fund of the Republic of Serbia

National Mortgage Insurance Corporation

National Employment Service

The Republic Institute for Sports

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

Republic Development Bureau

Republic of Serbia Cultural Heritage Protection Office

Republic Geodetic Authority

Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia

Institute for Standardization